About GEN1

Our Mission

GEN1 at the University of Washington aims to celebrate and support the Allen School’s vibrant and diverse first-generation community by providing resources and a community to ensure academic, professional, and personal success.

Our Goals

By definition, first-generation students are trailblazers; they are one of the first in their family to pursue a Bachelor's degree in the US. Many people are unaware of the first-gen community and the different experiences that these students face in contrast to their peers. As a club, we hope to make the community more visible and ensure that our members have a place to share their stories with other first-gen students. GEN1 hopes to not only celebrate our identity among our members, but to also provide resources - such as workshops and panels - dedicated to giving first-gen students extra tools for success. The issues faced by first-gen students at UW can be very different from those faced by the average student, and these experiences showcase the strength of our community. We aim to inspire one another to thrive in the realm of higher education, and we hope that you are excited to take part in celebrating first-gen students!


GEN1 was formed in 2020 by a group of students dedicated to creating a space to share their experiences as first-gen students, not only amongst themselves, but with all first-gen students within the Allen School. They found out that there were more students like them out there than they realized, and quickly decided that these students needed a community to bond over the little things and celebrate what made them unique. Thus, GEN1 was born!

Check out our other pages for more information, and don't hesitate to reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns!