Career Dev

We know career development (preparing for interviews, getting internships, attending career fairs) can be daunting -- especially for first-generation students, so we've compiled resources and tips about everything career-related! You can also check out our posts on our Instagram!

Tips from Kasey

Check out these career tips from first-gen CSE instructor & alum Kasey Champion!

Employer Resources for Folks on F-1 Visas

Next up in our career dev series are employer resources for our international students on F-1 visas! There are a lot of unfamiliar terms and rules around getting hired as an international student, so we've provided a brief overview on these topics. More info can be found here!

5 Tips for UW CSE Undergrads

Navigating the Allen School as a first gen student can be tough. Here are some tips to make the most out of your time in the Allen School! These tips come from a Medium article by Pooja Sethi, a Machine Learning Engineer and 2017 Allen School Alum.

Job Hunt Resources

To prep for your job hunt, check out these existing UW & Allen School resources!

Career Fair Conversation Strategies

Here are some strategies to effectively engage in conversation with company representatives at the upcoming winter quarter career fairs! Read more about these strategies in this post.

Winter Career Fairs

At winter quarter career fairs, you get the opportunity to meet with Allen School affiliated companies and find opportunities for internships, new grad positions, and more. Read more about them in this post!