Humans of GEN1

GEN1 proudly presents the Humans of GEN1 series!

Are you a first-generation student at the Allen School or know an outstanding first-generation member of the Allen School community? Nominate yourself or them to participate in an interview for our Humans of GEN1 interview series! This is a great chance to share your journey navigating UW and the Allen School and bring to light the diverse perspectives of our community.

Nomination form is here!

This Humans of GEN1 interview is with David, who has been our 2021-22 Vice Chair and our 2020-21 Secretary!
Swipe to read David's reflection on his motivations and his journey to the Allen School. David will be graduating this Spring 2022 and we wish him well!

You can read David's full interview here.

Our next Humans of GEN1 interview is with Aerin, who has been our chair for the last two years and was one of the founding members of GEN1!
Swipe to read Aerin's reflection on their college experiences and personal growth as a first-generation student<3 Aerin will be graduating this Spring 2022 and we wish her the best!

Dr. Kurtis Heimerl

Our latest Humans of GEN1 interview is with Dr. Kurtis Heimerl, an Assistant Professor in the Allen School! Dr. Heimerl works in the Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) lab and his research focuses on improving internet access for all. He shared with us details about his undergrad journey and why he decided to pursue a career in academia. Check out the highlights of this interview!

For our latest installment of Humans of GEN1, we interviewed MS/BS student Andrey Ryabtsev who immigrated to the United States from Russia after a brief stop in Israel as a child. Andrey is set to graduate with dual degrees June of this year! Congratulations Andrey!

For our latest Humans of GEN1, we decided to interview Ege Caglar, a second-year undergraduate at the Allen School! Ege details his transition from the Turkish school system to an American university.

For our latest installment of Humans of GEN1, we interviewed undergraduate student Samek Mulepati, who is not only a first-generation college student but also a first-generation immigrant to the US. In his interview, Samek reflects on navigating English as a second language, attending a post-secondary educational institution in the US at the same time as his mother, and his journey in finding his passion for Computer Science and coming to the Allen School.

For our next Humans of GEN1, we got to interview undergraduate Ardi Madadi. Ardi is a student and researcher at the Allen School who only recently came to the US in 2016!

For our second interview in the Humans of GEN1 Series, we decided to interview Shariya Ali, who is graduating from the Allen School this year! In an inspiring exchange with one of our interviewers, Shariya details the risks she took throughout her journey to get to where she is today.

Humans of GEN1 aims to shout out exemplary individuals at the Allen School who identify as first generation. Our first interview is with Allen School Academic Advisor and GEN1 Staff Advisor, Leslie Ikeda!