Peer Advising

The Allen School has peer advisers who can talk with current UW students about planning for the major and Allen School admissions, course planning, internship prep, connecting with research, and generally being a successful student. Peer advisers can talk about CSE courses, getting started with research or teaching, landing internships, getting involved with the Allen School or in the UW, and so much more. Peer advisers can help you with the following:

  • Quick Question Advising Sessions: Peer advisers will be available during Quick Question advising sessions and you can request to meet with one when you sign-in for quick questions. Hours for these sessions are listed on the CSE Undergraduate Calendar. Quick Questions are not available during the summer.

  • Peer Adviser Advising Appointments: If you are unable to make it to a Quick Question advising session or need a longer appointment with a peer adviser (about 20 - 30 minutes), please schedule an appointment online.

  • Personal Statement Review: For applicants applying to the Allen School through the current UW student admissions pathway, peer advisers can provide personal statement review. Please note that Allen School academic advisers are unable to provide personal statement review. During your appointment, a peer adviser will review your rough draft and provide suggestions and edits based on their knowledge of the current UW student admissions pathway to the Allen School. Please note that personal statement review is only available for current UW students and is not available for prospective high school or transfer students.

To learn more about peer advising offered in the Allen School, please visit:

CSE Advising

At the Allen School, we have our lovely departmental advising team which aim to help you succeed in navigating your path in CSE. Their mission is to:

  • Provide helpful information and guidance to prospective and current CSE students

  • Foster a school atmosphere where all students feel welcomed and included

  • Review and update Allen School services and policies to ensure CSE students receive an excellent educational experience

For more information on CSE advising and scheduling a meeting with an adviser, please visit:

Quick Questions

If you have quick questions (something that would take about 10 minutes to discuss), please come to the Allen School's Quick Question advising sessions, held every day. Hours are listed on the undergraduate advising calendar. Quick Question advising is most appropriate for questions regarding:

  • Course registration

  • What to register for next quarter

  • Adding or dropping a class in the first two weeks of the quarter

  • Co-curricular opportunities and ways to get involved

  • Clearing registration holds or blocks

  • Signing quick forms

  • Career-related quick questions

For more information about Quick Questions advising, please visit: